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Ten Facebook Rules of Thumb for Effective Posts

Here you will find ten Facebook rules of thumb for effective posts. The tips are based on my experience as  JEF Germany Facebook page administrator (3 years) and analyses from other social network experts.

  1. Stay short or make it long. Medium-size posts don’t work.

  2. Publish regularly. Four to seven posts a week will be good, but make sure they have a sufficient quality. An idea could be to fix certain days for certain types of posts, such as „article of the week“ on Friday, or „What I’ve learned about XY“ on Sunday and „Did you know?“ on Wednesday.

  3. Publish at the best time for your customers: Probably between 18 and 20.

  4. Address all of your target groups but not necessarily at the same time: Sometimes it is beneficial to target posts to a sub-group. That will engage them more. However, make sure to find a mix and not neglect other sub-groups.

  5. Pick a topic that people already talk about. Users interact more to posts that concern something on their agenda. For example if there is something relevant to your group in the news then write a quick comment.

  6. Be relevant: The vast majority of your posts should suit your target groups. Rarely however, you might also chose a different subject to achieve greater interactions (cute cat effect).

  7. Be visual: Pictures, photo albums and videos attract much more interaction than texts. Make sure that these pictures are not too detailed as otherwise users will not understand your message immediately when they see your picture in their newsfeed. For example portrait pictures are easier to grab attention than group pictures and high-contrast graphics work well too.

  8. Interact with your audience: A „like“ is good, a comment better and the best are shares. The more interaction a post receives the more people will see it on their newsfeed. Engaging posts are those with questions, strong statements or for example fill-the-gap-posts such as „No doubt, the winner of today’s debate is __________.“ If a user comments then engage her or him! Answer the question, or give the comment a like. An honor for fans: share what they have posted on your wall and mention their name. You can also mention other Facebook pages that you’ve like by putting a @ in front of their name (a link will appear).

  9. Tell your fans early on the post what you want: Are they supposed to „like“, to share or to comment? This call should be integrated in the first 90 characters of the post.

  10. Be consistent: Keep to your strategy as good as possible. If you want to try something new think about twice.

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